An Average Videogame Joe
An Average Videogame Joe

You ever play on a stage or against a character while a certain background song instantly gets you pumped up to play? Maybe making you have enough adrenaline that encourages you to be more aggressive than you’d normally be?

It’s safe to say, this is one of those songs. And the Tekken games have a good amount of these.


I mentioned before that Tekken has such a large amount of interesting music in its franchise, I could dedicate a whole series to it!

In this post, I’m highlighting a stage track from Tekken 6, “Only One Fight,” which plays in the background when fighting at a Noh/Kabuki theater stage.

There’s no Noh theatre fight music like this one, that’s for sure.

What’s Interesting About It?

What’s interesting about this track is that not only does it start off very strongly, but the track HEAVILY uses traditional instruments (downright abusing certain instruments in some parts) that you’d hear in a Noh/Kabuki stage play. The song producers combine those distinct sounds with a Rock/Drum n’ Bass tempo.


Where Kabuki-oriented instruments tends to be methodical in their usage, they are used more chaotically in this track.

The result is a very dynamic, memorable track that makes each you hit you land on your opponent feel as though they carry more punch.


While Tekken 6 does not really have dedicated character stage themes, this track feels like it was perfectly designed for the Yoshimitsu character.

I also thought this track could easily fit into the Naruto anime, as the sound design feels familiar. The anime’s action-oriented tracks also heavily uses traditional instruments while using modern tempo styles to help create adrenaline/tension for many scenes.

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