An Average Videogame Joe
An Average Videogame Joe

I can’t talk about good fighting game music without mentioning the famous Tekken series, one of Bandai Namco’s most famous IPs to ever hit the gaming industry.

The franchise has had so much interesting music over the years, I could make an article series JUST for this franchise alone.


In this post, I’m highlighting one of Tekken’s best produced tracks in franchise history: the TTT2's character customization menu theme song, called “Your Sunset.”

It’s a cool song to jam to when you’re diving into the game’s deep customization menu, where you can customize & preview your character’s outfits (including portraits, particle effects, etc.)

What makes this track so interesting is that it has an acoustic/R&B vibe backed by a distinctly dreamy, Hip Hop-like foundation. You don’t hear this style of music in the rest of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's OST (excluding the Snoop Dogg stage of course). All the elements in the song blend SO well together.

It feels like it can be played at the beach with your friends or when you’re doing some expensive shopping.


I have this track in a workout playlist or when I’m out driving. It’s THAT good to listen to, especially on repeat.

Let’s hope Tekken 7 can deliver on some interesting tunes!

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