An Average Videogame Joe
An Average Videogame Joe

In this post, I’m highlighting one of the best character select themes to come out of the King Of Fighters series: it’s from KOF 2000.

Arguably considered to be one of the best iterations of the game for the Neo-Geo console (before SNK got bought up and became a former shell of itself).


It’s very techno-oriented and has a great buildup to a rhythm, which makes selecting characters a pretty fun activity to get through.

The King of Fighters series was one of the first fighting game IP’s to introduce the concept of pitting all sorts of characters from different genres of games that existed under one publisher (that being SNK), and making them duke it out in one big fighting game tournament.

It led to a diverse roster of familiar characters with truly diverse fighting styles.

The series has had its ups and downs as far as balancing and music quality goes, but it’s been around for over a decade and is an important part of gaming history.

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